Ahmet Başal

The Need for Training Teachers in Digital Pedagogy

With the growing affordances and availability of technology, the expectations from teachers have put greater pressure on them to use it in their teaching environments. This pressure has directed many teachers to explore digital technologies and tools and to embed them into their teaching. However, this tendency brings up many troubles along the way. Most teachers have found themselves using technology and digital tools in their lessons without focusing on what they really add to their lessons. In this keynote talk, I will question the relationship between pedagogy and technology and elaborate on the need for training teachers in digital pedagogy.

Ahmet Başal, an associate professor of Curriculum and Instruction, is currently working at the Department of Educational Sciences at Yıldız Technical University in İstanbul, Turkey. Before joining the faculty here, Dr. Basal was an English language teacher at MoNE for 7 years, an English language instructor at Kırıkkale University for 5 years, an asst. prof. dr. at the Department of ELT at Yıldız Technical University for 8 years, an instructor in Belarus at Minsk State Linguistic University for 1 year, and co-manager at distance education center of two different state universities. His research publications and research interests include teacher education, web-based teaching and learning, technology integration into teaching and learning environments, instructional design, curriculum development, and CALL.  Email: ahmetbasal@gmail.com