Kamile Hamiloğlu

Preparing Student Teachers through Transformative Teacher Education for the Challenging Times of the 21st Century

We have been having hard times in combating with the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of 2020 and this has been one of the most prominent tests for humanity to pass ever. Along with the efforts for being survivals physically for life, people have also been struggling for maintaining the basics of their daily lives such as education, finance, travelling, communication and so on in all parts of the world.  Inevitably, the burden of this global crisis has brought new challenges to all levels of education and especially to teacher education given that it has already had many issues to be dealt with so far. Since teachers are considered as the agents of change, it is worth discussing how educating teachers and helping them to be equipped with necessary knowledge and practice and also helping them gain a developed mind and vision will be  like during these difficult times and also in the future, in which, more likely there will be more challenges.  In this talk I will be talking about the basic challenges of the present situation in teacher education recalling the theoretical and practical concerns of the past as well and I will mention transformative education as one of the possible remedies for dealing with the challenges in teacher education. In the talk, I will visit the concepts of transformation of personal and professional identities and also transformation of student teachers’ CoPs (Communities of Practice) and transformation in our societies and inevitably in the world. I will try to explore and discuss the impact of reflection and reflective practice in teacher education along with creating possible designs for having more knowledgeable, aware and conscious teachers who would lead their own development, growth and change for the generations they will be educating.

About Dr. Kamile Hamiloğlu, PhD; EdD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kamile Hamiloğlu has been working in the field of Applied Linguistics and ELT/EFL more than 30 years, and holding an MA and PhD in Educational Sciences from the Boğaziçi University, Turkey; an EdD in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester, UK; a teacher training certificate in Critical Thinking from Oregon University, USA; and a certificate in Neurolanguage Coaching from LCC in London, UK. She has taught various courses at BA, MA and Doctoral levels in undergraduate and graduate programmes at Boğaziçi, Marmara and Bahçeşehir Universities in İstanbul, Turkey so far, and currently is working as a lecturer in the department of Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching at Marmara University, İstanbul. Her academic research interests
include professional identity, professional development, curriculum and coursebook evaluation and design, culture, critical thinking and reflection in in Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) and in English as a foreign language (EFL).